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Mission Statement

Boomerflex was set up to try and share some of the fun I have had meeting and shooting fit and athletic women. I try to not only capture their great physiques, but capture their spirit and personality as well. I try to find new, fun and different ways to show them, be it different locales, or different kinds of costumes.

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10/30: Komoss Lopez

10/20: Charlie

10/10: Jei Balfoort

09/30: Shannon Trimble armwrestling

09/15: Roseanne Desmarais

07/30: Joanna Frichtel

07/15: Carolina Bonilla

06/30: Gina Fata

06/15: Maria W

04/30: Shannon vs Joanna armwrestling

04/25: Amber vs Christine armwrestling

04/20: Gina Fata armwrestling

04/15: Carolina Bonilla armwrestling

04/10: Jei Balfoort armwrestling

04/05: Hilary Coffie

Deejay Ohh now starring in video at www.budflex.com, promo clip available in the free section